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Daily Ritual Word Games

At FunCraft, we love puzzle games. We love that satisfying feeling of achievement - the moment where everything clicks and the answer appears.

We create friendly word games

that become daily rituals

delivering joy and connection for years.

We know games can play an enormously important role in people’s lives. We’re so happy to make games that have a positive impact in people’s lives - a good for you habit.


Headquartered in San Francisco with employees around the world, we are industry veterans with experience at major gaming companies (Electronic Arts, Zynga) and startup gaming studios (JuiceBox Games). We are building FunCraft to be a home for gamemakers passionate about the craft of making and shipping games.

We believe in putting our games into players’ hands as soon as possible.

Our team has been at the forefront of free to play gaming and mobile. We understand the complexity of building and operating mobile games. We know the importance of modern game development’s unique pillars: feature development, data analysis, live operations, user acquisition, and ad monetization. We’ve built a strong foundation and continue to invest in our infrastructure to better serve our players.

Wordgrams resonates deeply with players. With its underlying metrics, we are committed to growing this title into a franchise. We have an ambitious future of feature and game ideas ahead.

Our values


Build with conviction based
on knowledge and instincts

Build simply to test the core of an idea



Build best practices into
features and Examplecraft

Listen to our players, data, each
other, and the market

Prune unsuccessful features and don't get attached

Remain humble and flexible to
adapt to new information

Speed & Simplicity


Hire senior people who are self-driven and collaborative

Take ownership and be responsible for the whole product

Autonomy to make decisions


Since our founding in 2019, we assembled an incredible team and built the ExampleCraft framework enabling the quicker launch of fully-featured games. We believe small teams can do great things. And know that unleashing action-oriented, high performers who execute is the best way to find that greatness. We want to work with people who are passionate about the unique challenges and joys of game-making.​

We believe the best way to learn is by doing. We accelerate our learning by prioritizing speed. We achieve our speed through clarity, focus, simplicity, and quick decisions. FunCraft gamemakers have tremendous responsibility and a huge impact on their games.

We fully embrace remote working and distributed development. We love working with gamemakers around the world. There are so many great games to make - help us make them!

Senior Software Engineer

Help us build and operate hit games! Build systems and features in direct cooperation with a small, interdisciplinary team.

Product Manager

Continuously improve our games’ systems and features with a focus on live ops.

Senior UX/UI Designer

Create user-friendly wireframes of features and screens and develop the visual style of our games' UI.

Game Designer

Design features and own a content-creation process that meets the needs of our players and business.

Senior Analyst

Sift through our massive amount of data to understand, model, and predict our players’ behavior and directly impact our games’ designs.

If you see a fit above and want to help us in our mission
(even if there's not a precise role match!) please reach out at


Thanks so much for playing.

We’re thrilled to have you as a player in the FunCraft community!

Please write us here - we LOVE hearing from our players. We love feedback (what you like or what could be improved). And if you need help, we’ll take care of you…

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